Monday – Saturday
4:30pm – 11pm (or later)



660 North State Street- 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60654


dark magic


Leviathan is a cocktail bar from Benjamin Schiller & The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group inspired by the sea monster from the book of the same name, by Thomas Hobbes. ┬áThe vast ocean’s murkiest depths, coldest ice shelves, and darkest secrets are the inspiration behind our cocktails and dark spirit offerings.

The cocktails at Leviathan invoke, the smoke from a peaty scotch whisky distilled near the dark coves of Scotland, the sharp burn of Scandanavian aquavit, or the sweet, burnt caramel of one on the Carribean’s most prized rums.

Forged pewter mugs, smoke-filled terrariums, hand-carved ice and other surprises await you on your cocktail journey with us. Reservations available

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